Portland 8K Race Day Recap

I think I'm finished running races in April. The weather is definitely too unreliable. YIKES! I would have to say I have never felt so miserable during a race as I did this one. Here's the recap.

We got to registration at 8:30 am. The temperature was 44 degrees at this point and insanely windy.  I was not thrilled to be running in these conditions, but I told myself I would unless it rained.

I got my shirt... and hopped back into the car until the race started.... BRRRRRRRRRRR!

At 9:00 am everyone gathered and we had a moment of prayer. The race was in honor of Matt Aker, the Portland Fire Chief that was killed in an accident last year. I did not know him, but he was very loved by the community.

We lined up at the start line... it was where the police SUV is parked.

Here we were making our way to the start line...

The race started at around 9:15 am... at this point I was frozen to the bone and really having second thoughts about running, but I did anyways. My first mile was not too bad. I clocked in at a little over 9 minutes. I was feeling good. I thought to myself if I can keep this pace up I'll hit my goal! 

After that first mile we started running straight into 20 mph winds. I ran with the wind blowing at me for the next 2 miles. It was brutal. My eyes were watering and my sinuses were burning because it was so freezing cold and windy. No matter how fast I tried to run I wasn't getting anywhere fast. I just kept praying to make it to my next turn so the wind wouldn't be blowing right in my face.

I hit 3.5 miles with a time of 38 minutes... dang, I was behind what I needed to be to hit my goal. I wasn't surprised however since the wind was not dying down. I had finally hit the turn so the wind was no longer blowing straight at me, but instead it was blowing on my left side. I was seriously leaning to my left just to keep upright the wind was blowing so hard. I didn't think I was even going to be able to run the whole thing at this point. I could not handle the wind!

Finally, at mile 4 the wind was at my back so it was blowing me to the finish line. I felt like I was sprinting the whole last mile since the wind seemed to push me forward. I was happy for some relief!!!  However, it started raining at the beginning of my last mile. We're talking cold cold rain.  So cold that it stung your face when it hit you. YUCK!

I finished at 54:32. Total bummer! I didn't even stop to get water or talk to anyone because at this point it had started pouring! I headed straight to the car...

I was not a happy camper and was glad I was finished. I felt bad for the people still running in the down pour. The temperature was now 40 degrees... HOLY COW!

And this is what I looked like when it was all said and done. Nice!

Even though I was totally miserable, I was happy I toughed it out and ran it. I'm now in training mode for a Half Marathon. That is my one goal I want to complete this summer/fall. I'm looking forward to some hot running weather!

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