Sparkler Sprint 5K

One of the goals I had this summer was to get a PR in a few shorter races such as a 5K or 10K. I picked the Sparkler Sprint 5K in Franklin because it was close, flat, and on one of my normal days off. Oh, and what is better than running a race on the 4th of July! WOOT!

This race was at Province Park by Franklin College. I had no idea this park was there and loved it the minute I saw it. It has really nice trails, a little creek, and trees everywhere... what more could you ask for. It was a really nice setting for this race and I'm sure Remington and I will be making trips back there to walk around and explore since it is super close to our house!

I was excited about this race because my running buddy Greg decided to run too! He had a goal to PR as well, but he is way faster than me! It is always fun to have someone you know running and cheering you on :)

Greg and I before the race started! How I got a #1 bib number I'll never know. Does this mean I was the first person to register???

Getting ready to go! They started the race by shooting off a canon!! HA!

I was really unsure of how I would do for this run. I hadn't ran for the past three weeks so I didn't know how I would feel. Sometimes taking a break makes my body feel really well rested and I have no problems... other times I have felt very sluggish and awful. My strategy for this race was to pick a person ahead of me and focus on trying to pass them... then if I did that pick another and do the same. I figured this would keep my pace up and keep me focused on a goal. 

Mile 1 : I started off the race with trying to stick with Greg as long as possible. This didn't last very long, but it made me speed through that first mile. I checked my watch at the mile one marker and I was at 7:50 minute mile! That is crazy fast for me!

Mile 2 : This was an enjoyable mile. It took us through the outside of a cemetery, through a wooded area, and then toward a park area. There were lots of new things to look at and keep your mind off things. I hit mile two at around 18:00 minutes. I had slowed down quite a bit, but going so fast during the first mile had set me ahead of previous times.

Mile 3 : I was so out of breath during this mile. I was struggling to keep a decent pace. I just picked someone ahead of me and tried to keep up with them. When I passed the three mile marker I was at around 28:40 minutes... I knew I had to pick it way up to make it under 30:00... YIKES!

I crossed the finish line at 29:49!! I placed 89 overall, was 9th in my gender and age group, and had a 9:36 mile pace! I know this is not fast for most, but anything under a 10:00 minute mile is fast for me! I was very happy!!! The last 5K I ran in 32:00 so I cut a little over 2 minutes off my time! YAY!

How did Greg do? Well... he is a speedy fella! Greg crossed the finish line at 23:12!!!! He placed 49 overall, was 9th in his gender and age group, and had a 7:28 mile pace! Isn't that crazy! He had a PR as well! Pretty awesome!

We both had a good day!

Now... we need to find a 10K to PR in :)

Happy Independence Day everyone!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Silly, lady! It's Franklin College, not Franklin University. Franklin University is in Ohio. (I think.) ;)

Great job on the PR! I'd be happy to break 30 min in a 5K, too. But I'd have to sign up to run one first. This sounded fun. Wish I would have known about it.

The Rhoton Family said...

Corrected Jen! :) Sorry about that! I think I want to do family pics at this park! Thoughts? And... any time you wanna run a 5K just let me know :)

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since I've been to that park, but I like that idea! There are some other great spots in Franklin we could hit up since we'd be close. Love that idea.