Vijiggle Jaggle Be Gone : Week #1

I started my diet on Monday of last week. My starting weight was 126.6 lbs. I was a little surprised by this since I had been eating like crazy on vacation and not really keeping up with my running. I decided that if I was going to do this I needed to set some rules for myself so I started looking into different weight/fitness plans online. The one I decided on was Lauren Conrad's Bikini Boot Camp Plan (you can view the actual plan by clicking the link) since it sounded like something I could handle and stay committed to for the most part. I did make a few edits here and there though. So this is what I have been focusing on for the past week...

The Rules and Limits of the Plan

-Drink lots of water (you should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces each day)!
-As soon as you wake up drink a glass of lemon water... must be 30 minutes before you eat! (click here to see how lemon water aids in weight loss)
-No white breads, large portions of cheese, or fried food
-No candy, baked goods, ice cream... ideally no sugar
-No soda or flavored drinks
-No eating 2-3 hours before bedtime
-Get 8 hours of sleep each night

Everyday Exercises (this doesn't count as your regular daily workout)

-50 crunches in the morning / 50 crunches at night
-60 second plank in morning / 60 second side plank on each side at night

...For me, I am also not taking in any more than 1480 calories a day...

For the most part I have been doing pretty good with it. The huge sacrifices I made was completely giving up my morning coffee and pop on weekdays since it involved so much sugar, I have started eating breakfast everyday, I drink my lemon water every morning even though it makes we want to gag, and I have stayed away from the sweets for the most part with a few slip ups here and there. I'm actually pretty proud of myself so far.

I thought that weekends I would let myself stray from the diet a little more... but that turned into almost an entire weekend of stuffing my face full of my favorite foods. I learned real quick that I can probably let myself have a cheat "meal" once a week, but not a cheat weekend. I'll really have to stick pretty close to what I have set for myself. 

Here are some of the foods I ate pretty consistently throughout the week...

Steel Cut Oats



Lemon Water

Salads, salads, salads...

And lots of fish!

I stepped on the scales Monday morning and could not believe my eyes. I now weigh 123.5 lbs. So as of right now I'm officially down 3.1 lbs. I'm pretty happy with this since I didn't exercise hardly at all last week and this was just mainly based on the diet plan. I'm hoping I can keep this up long term, but I know how I am so it will definitely be a challenge. However, I'm feeling better about myself and more healthy so that is a plus!


stephanie said...

This is exciting! Could you sub splenda for the sugar in your coffee?

Ive never liked fish, but matt and i grilled some salmon last weekend and really enjoyed it, so im going to try to start eating more of it, since its so good for you.

Keep up the great work! Id love to get to 120, but would also love to build some muscle tone, which isnt going to have me losing any pounds...

The Rhoton Family said...

Very true! Weight isn't everything ;)