Vijiggle Jaggle Be Gone : Week #4

What did I tell you??? After my stay-cation I figured I would gain some weight because I sure didn't plan on watching what I ate. Sadly... the scales showed me exactly what I had been expecting... a weight gain! I'm now back at where I started... 126.6 lbs! BOO! Funny how just a few days of bad eating and drinking can have such a huge affect on all the progress you have made in a months time.

As of this morning I am back on track with good eating and drinking habits. I am in my last week of On-Ramp CrossFit classes so I'll start the real deal next week and I can't wait! From now on I probably won't post about my "vijiggle jaggle" updates weekly, but instead monthly. I'm hoping that CrossFit changes my muscle tone immensely and I can share some before and after pictures with you guys, but we'll see!

I do feel like this past month has created a change in my eating habits and for me that is the biggest hurdle to overcome. I have realized that it doesn't matter how much you workout... you can't feed your body garbage and get the results you want. It sure would be nice if you could though :)


Stephanie said...

Ohhhhh girl, I couldn't agree with you more! Last weekend, when my family came to visit, I only worked out once in 4 days, and pretty much ate like JUNK. I gained 5 pounds in those 4 days. That's crazy talk!

But I've been drinking a gallon of water a day for the last week and eating MUCH healthier as well. I'm back to where I was - 126 - and have a trial membership to a gym for the next couple weeks, so I'm getting down to business!

But you're so right that diet really does matter. I've seen a lot of sayings/pictures that say diet is 70% and exercise is 30% of any weight loss/fitness goal, and I'm really starting to believe it. I think it matters even more as we approach a certain age group *cough*30*couch*

Stick with it, girly! :)

Stephanie said...

*cough*30*cough I mean.