Vijiggle Jaggle Be Gone : Week #2

It's week two of my diet. I weighed in this morning and much to my dismay... I haven't lost any weight but have maintained. I'm still at 123.5 lbs. Boo! But... I really wasn't expecting to lose three pounds at the beginning of the diet so I'll deal with maintaining this week :)

I have been doing pretty good with sticking to the rules and limitations of the diet. I have been slipping over to the dark side more than I probably should though at times. I have had a couple of Cokes, coffees, and bread every now and again. But in my defense, if I workout I need a few more calories to give me the energy to get through it.

Also, I had my first class of crossfit this week and LOVE it! Like... I loved it so much I cannot wait to go back! Who can honestly say that? However, I know that by doing these kind of workouts I'm going to be gaining some muscle so I need to stay realistic with my weight loss goals.

Hopefully I'll have a little more to report next week :)

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