Cabin Fever!

It's only January and the Rhoton Family is already stir crazy!  Of course we do our normal everyday things such as go to work, school, out with friends, etc... but we don't spend a whole lot of time outside in the winter.  Most of you know, it's not my thing... AT ALL!  Even though all of the Rhoton's are suffering from cabin fever, our Remington Bear is probably the worse at the moment...

I think I'm a pretty good "dog mom" for the most part.  I baby my 82 pound boy more than I should I'm sure, but the one thing I won't do is take him for walks in the winter.  There's just no way I'm walking 3 miles in sub degree temperatures!  BRRR!  Not having a fenced in yard causes a bit of a problem for Remi as well because most of the time when we are outside he is leashed up.  Do I feel awful and like the worst mom ever??? Of course... but not bad enough to take the sweet boy for the walk he dreams of.  He'll have to settle for nice view from the window :)  Only one more month until we'll hit March! Hang in there Remington!

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Valerie said...

You should bring him over for a play date! :-)