Why I love Dan's coffee!

I only get Dan's coffee on Friday and Saturday mornings since those are his days off work and he is up early enough to fix it for me.  I would fix it for myself, but his coffee pot is off limits to me since he is a bit OCD about it... (sadly, I think my compulsions are rubbing off on him)!  ANYWAYS!!!!  I look forward to those mornings so much because I love love LOVE his coffee!  Well, maybe it's not "his" coffee, but instead all the stuff I put in it to make it taste good that I love.  I add probably a half a cup of half and half and a LOAD of sugar!  YUM!  It reminds me being a little girl and sitting on the front porch with my Grandma Fowler.  She always use to let me drink some coffee that was full of milk and sugar :)  

I have very fond memories of those days with her :)

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