War on Cops?

For the first time in my life, Dan's job is finally starting to scare me.  The thought of something bad happening to him has been on the top of my mind as of lately.  I'm sure its because of the cop that was just killed recently, but even more so than that, I am more aware that the percentage of cops being killed every year is reaching higher levels!

According to National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, an organization that tracks police casualties, there have already been as many officer deaths in January 2011 as there were in January of last year. The organization reported that officer deaths were up 43 percent in 2010 compared to 2009.  There were 160 in the line of duty deaths in 2010.

I can't help but think about the families that are affected by this sort of thing.... it breaks my heart to hear about the wives and children that are left behind when their husbands have been killed during a routine traffic stop or serving a warrant.  I have found myself crying when I see the new reports of another police officer that was killed in the line of duty.  It is just beginning to hit a little too close to home for me...

I never dreamed it would be me,
my name for all eternity,
recorded here at this hallowed place,
alas, my name, no more my face.
"In the line of duty" I hear them say;
...my family now the price will pay,
my folded flag stained with tears;
we only had those few short years.
The badge no longer on my chest,
I sleep now in eternal rest;
my sword I pass to those behind,
and pray they keep this thought in mind;
I never dreamed it would be me,
and with heavy heart and bended knee;
I ask for all here from the past,
Dear God, let my name be the last.

~RIP Officer David Moore~
May God Bless the Police Officers that risk their lives to keep our communities safe!

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Pam said...

Dear K and D,

I, too, saw the news this week and cried! We pray every day for safety for Daniel. I have marked in my Bible the day, 5/19/03, he told us he wanted to be a State Trooper. I wrote it beside Ephesians 6:10 about the armor or God for protection.

I just read it again this morning. I know he is in God's care.