The Things I'll Never Get Use To...

By far the hardest thing about being married to a cop is the long hours they work, their weird schedules, and them missing holidays/gatherings.  It is just something that I'll never be able to get use to.  Even after living with Dan for 3 years I hate hate HATE it when he leaves for work at night.  It always seems like we just get settled in for the evening and then he is gone.  He is always telling me that I should be use to this by now, but I know that I never will.  During those few months that I work long hours because of Phonathon we only see each other in passing... it's "Hi" when I pass him coming home from work in the evening and he is leaving and "Hi" when he is coming home from work in the morning and I'm leaving.  It makes having a "normal" relationship a little hard.

Dan has a weird schedule... the days that I have off he doesn't and the days he has off I don't.  This makes doing fun things together hard mostly because he is sleeping when I'm off work and I'm working when he is off.  BLAH!  I know that there will probably never be a time that we have the same days off to enjoy together, but it would be nice :)

The last thing that I'll never get use to is him working holidays that I don't have to.  I hardly ever get to actually spend Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Years with my husband.  Birthdays and anniversaries are hit and miss too.  It's okay I suppose... I understand that police officers have to work when most people don't... but it gets hard after a while of not having them around on special occassions.

I know what your all thinking.... suck it up... that's what being a cop wife is all about :)

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Chris and Steff said...

I feel your pain! I'm usually the one working the holidays while my hubby is at home... and evening hours (but not overnight). It makes it hard but we also appreciate our time together even more. Hang in there, dearie! Hope you're doing well!