Rhoton Randomness!

Well, it's another edition of Rhoton Randomness!!!  I can tell just how excited you all are.  Since not a whole lot has been going on around here I figured that I would give you a dose of random things happening...

Since we took Remington to the vet his hot spot has been getting better and better...

Hot spot day 2

Hot spot day 3

Hot spot day 4

I got my hair cut and highlighted on Saturday!!!



I finished painting a pot for my friend Debbie :)

Pot front

Pot back

Pot detail... I really love the wiggly eyes :)

Debbie and I replanted Thor this morning...

Look at those roots!

Getting him nice and cozy in his new home!

Here he is!  I think he's pretty happy :)

That's all for this edition of Rhoton Randomness!

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