We found a lump!!!

On Remington!!! I'm very worried!  Last night, while Dan was loving on our Remington Bear he discovered a dime size lump right behind his ear.  On further investigation... digging through loads of fur... we were able to see that it looks kind of like a giant scab.  I thought at first that maybe he had scratched a spot raw back there, but now I'm having second thoughts.  I have googled some pictures of cancerous lumps on other dogs and they look very similar to Remington's!!!!

My motherly instincts are kicking in and I'm wanting to take him to the vet!!!  I mean I would rather spend the money, yet have the piece of mind knowing it was nothing than to not take him and find out that it is something serious! Dan on the other hand thinks I'm over reacting.... uhhhggg.... I can't help it... he's my BABY!

I asked Dan to take another look at it and afterward he finally agreed that we should take him.  Not only does it look bad, Remington also cries when we touch it.  I'll keep you posted on what we find out!

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