Semester II Phonathon...

I know... it is hard to believe that I'm blogging about this already isn't it?  I mean I just finished up with Semester I Phonathon a month or so ago... but the students will be back on Monday from their long Christmas vacation and once again I'll be running around like a mad man trying to get ready for them :)

This upcoming Phonathon is always harder to prepare for since there is a lot less time than what I would have during the summer... and because of that I think it is a lot more stressful!  There is just so much to do and not enough time!!!  These past few weeks I have been working on the manuals, scripts, cheat sheets, and emails... then next week it will be the crazy process of hiring students, working with the interns, and printing/putting everything together... and then the long 10 hours of Phonathon training that upcoming weekend.

I'm really trying to keep myself calm and organized, but I can't help but feel the anxiety rising in me.  I'm not sleeping well because I constantly have Phonathon and work on my brain, I have not been taking those much needed lunch breaks so I can fit more stuff into my day, and I find myself telling myself that things are going to be okay and it will all be over with soon to calm myself a bit.

I know that it will all come together and be just fine like always, but me being the type of person I am (anxious), it can be hard stop myself from stressing out and becoming a nut case during this time!!!  Hopefully one day I'll be able to get these feelings under control a bit better :)

Semester II Phonathon... look out cause here we come :)

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harveyg2 said...

Stop worrying. You have everything under control!!! This is your 3rd time around and you know what you are doing. Just relax.