D.I.Y. Veggie Burgers...

Okay, so I have been dying to try to make my own veggie burgers.  I mean, come on... how hard could it be really.  My favorite store bought veggie burger is Amy's brand.  YUM!  They are so good that even Dan likes them.  Anyways, tonight we decided to embarked on our own veggie burger adventure!

Things you are going to need:
  2 potatoes
  1 green pepper
  1 can of white beans (any kind will do, we used Northern)
  2 cloves garlic
  2 T. flour
  1/2 t. salt
  Ground pepper (to your liking)
  1/4 cup basil

First, get all your stuff together.  We actually doubled this recipe, but I wouldn't if I made it again... the amounts I listed above would have been perfect.

Next, cut your potatoes into fourths.  You are going to boil these in water until they are soft.

Open your can of beans and pour them into a strainer... rinse them off with cold water.

Chop your green peppers into small pieces

Chop your cloves of garlic into tiny pieces

Now go check on your potatoes... are they soft yet?

Once your potatoes are nice and soft, drain the water, and your going to put EVERYTHING into a large bowl and mash it all up with a fork.  Your going to do this until the beans and potatoes hold together, but not so mashed that you end up with mashed potatoes.

This is what it will end up looking like....

Now your going to make your mashed up mess into patties.

Like I said, don't double this recipe unless you want major leftovers!!!

Throw them in a skillet for 5-6 minutes on each side. Don't forget the cooking spray or they will stick very badly!

Once they are finished put them on a bun with some cheese and ranch dressing or BBQ sauce.  They are ready to eat!

Would I make them again you ask???  Well, they weren't bad... but they also didn't have much taste to them.  We also were disappointed because they didn't keep their shape very well.  It was pretty much like eating a mashed potato sandwich. 

However, I better get use to them because I have A LOT of leftovers to eat....

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