Remington's Lump Update!!!

Well, our Remington Bear will live to see another day.  Please, don't tell me, "I told you so"... I have already heard that enough from Dan!!!  After worrying my little head off, the lump ended up being nothing but a hot spot that had pretty much gotten infected.  The lump was just a lot of dried blood and pus that had matted the hair down around the area.  The vet shaved the area down and cleaned the spot really good!  20 minutes and 65 dollars later Remington was on his way home to nap the afternoon away.

What can I say, even though I'll have to hear about how overprotective and paranoid I am about our dog... and of course the wasted money that was spent... I don't regret it... the piece of mind knowing that Remington is happy and healthy is worth every penny :)

What I've learned the most from owning a dog is that it isn't for the fate of heart.  From 10 weeks old to almost 2 years I have grown so extremely attached to Remington I really cannot imagine life without him.  I honestly would not give a second thought to risking my own life to save his.  When I think about my "dream dog" he is it!  The thought of him someday not being a part of Dan and I's family... well... let's just not even think about that...

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