The Big Two-Six!

This weekend was pretty good.  It was actually extra long for me...

Friday... I decided to take a vacation day.  I am actually feeling pretty on top of things with work (right now) and I figured it would be the last time for a looonnnggg while that I got to take a little time off.  It was actually a nice day.  Dan and I got to take Remi to the vet together for his monthly appointment and we just hung out together.  We don't get a chance to do a lot of that because of our messed up schedules so it was nice to be with him.  Plus, he was leaving for Washington, D.C. for the weekend that evening at 3:30 so some quality time was much needed.  Myla and Valerie from work also took me out for dinner that night at Bravo!  It is one of my favorite places to go and I appreciated them doing that for me :)  It is always nice to feel cared about :)

Saturday... Mom and Dad came to Indy to visit me :)  I miss them so much and can't even tell you how much I wish they lived closer to us.  We didn't do a whole lot, but I love having them here with me.  We ended up having lunch at Oaken Barrel Brewhouse and then went to Lowe's to pick up a mum that I wanted to plant in place of a bush that we just ripped out :)  I hated to see them go :(  After they left, I went outside and watered all my plants.  I thought I would include some pictures to show you what a good gardener I've become :)

Here's my clematis that I thought I had killed, but it has started growing quite well again.  I have been taking good care of it since it started spouting new growth :)

Here's my new mum that I bought to replace the ugly bush that Dan ripped out for me :)  Dad helped me plant it!  I hope it makes it through the winter time :)

Here's my flower bed that is full of Vincas. They have done surprisingly well in this hot hot weather :)

Remember the orchid I have that had spouted a new leaf??  Look at that leaf now.  It's huge!!

This is the other orchid I have at my house.  I noticed that it just spouted a brand you leaf too.  Look closely... you can barely see it :)

After all the watering, I cleaned up the house.  It was pretty messy since I haven't done much with it for the past couple of weeks.  The amount of dog hair I picked up from the sweeper was soooo gross.  I guess that's what I get since I had two doggies in the house for a period of time :)  Anyways, I'm feeling so good now because my house is nice and clean for a little while at least :)  Then later in the evening Remington and I took a long walk after dinner.  He had been soooo good for me this weekend and he hadn't been out of the house in a few days so I'm sure he enjoyed going on a walk and smelling all the new smells :) 

Sunday... Dan made it home from D.C. at around 8 in the morning. Both Remington and I were happy to see him and glad he got home safe and sound.  Of course Remington showered his Dad with lots of kisses.  Below, Dan posted a blog about his weekend in D.C. Make sure to check it out :)  I spent the rest of Sunday getting my stuff together for school on Monday.  YIKES!  I'm taking 2 classes this semester which kind of freaks me out since usually I only take one.  I hope I can handle both of them and working full time....

Anyways, today is my 26th Birthday!  I cannot believe I'm that old!  However, I know I'm extremely blessed.  I have a wonderful family, husband, friends, job, etc.  I couldn't ask for a much better life :)  I'm so thankful for all I have :)  HAPPY 26 BIRTHDAY TO ME :)

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Mary said...

I'm so jealous of your flower bed! It's gorgeous! I'm ready to rip out all of our ugly bushes, too--I might have to have you give me some tips on what to plant instead. :)