A fun filled weekend...

Dan and I had a very fun weekend :)  Not saying that every weekend is not fun, but we actually did fun stuff this weekend :)  So.... be prepared for a loooonnnnggg post today.

Friday... was a good day for me.  When I got into work I found out that I had won free admissions tickets to the Indiana State Fair that our VP was raffling off!  I was pretty excited about this since Dan and I had planned on taking a day trip there. HOORAY! Remington had his hair cut Friday... so when I got home from work I was looking forward to seeing Remington's new trim.  The groomer did a very nice job on him and I think he was enjoying his new summer cut.  He won't be groomed again until the end of Fall.

"Look at my stylist bandanna Mom!"

"I'm feeling pretty handsome!"

I had found a recipe on smittenkitchen.com that I thought Dan would love. So I passed it onto him so he could work his magic.  The recipe was for sweet and smokey oven spare ribs.  I know that I'm doing the vegetarian thing, but I had to indulge on these a little bit.  If I didn't, it would have hurt Dan's feelings... or so I tell myself.  They were amazing by the way!

Dan's dinner plate :)

After dinner, the weather was so nice outside so we took Remington on a long walk for the first time in weeks!  He enjoyed it of course.  Being stuck inside the house because of the heat is not his idea of fun.

I have been dying to get a picture in front of this sign by our housing addition.  The flowers are so pretty right now, so I took advantage of our walk by getting this shot :)

Saturday... was a much busier day than usual for me.  I was up at 6:30 and went on a 2 mile run around the neighborhood.  I have to get my runs in early in the morning or late at night because if I don't it is just too hot outside for anything.  Once home I got my stuff together and went over to my friend Chanelle's apartment to go swimming in the pool there.  It was such a nice day for it.  We sat at the pool from 9-11:30 just chatting about things.  It was nice to be with her since we don't get to see each other like we use to.

In the evening a bunch of us girls got together for our friend Myla's birthday.  We all went downtown and had drinks and appetizers at P.F. Changs and then dinner at Weber Grill.  I think that we all had a really good time eating, drinking, and laughing :)


Myla, Casey, and I at P.F. Chang's

Myla opening her present from a bunch of us... a bracelet and necklace.

Myla's awesome cake at P.F. Chang's!  I think they called it the Great Wall of Chocolate!

And here is the whole group!

And here's Val and I at Weber Grill :)

Sunday... was kind of a day spent resting up from the night before.  I swear I napped all day long.  Dan and I were however going over to Debbie's house for dinner and to meet their new dog Belle, so I managed to make a dessert to take over there.

Red, White and Blue Brownie... very patriotic on a not so patriotic day... but it was still good :)

We brought Remington with us to meet Belle.  Let's just say that they didn't really hit it off.  I think that Belle was just kind of scared so we didn't push their friendship too much.  Remington just played in the back yard while Belle was inside.  I felt kind of bad though, because we took over Belle's area while we were there :( Remington did have a blast though running around in a fenced in yard.  That is a luxury he doesn't get very often. :)

When we got home from Debbie's we did notice that Remington was limping quite badly.  This worried me.  I automatically thought maybe he had hurt his leg or his hips were bothering him.  I laid him down and started examining him.  I was upset to find that all of the skin on his paw pads were ripped and they looked like a giant blister on each foot.  UHHHHGGGG!  About a month ago I had this happen to him with one of his pads... and I think it was from a walk I had taken him on earlier in the week.  We figure that the long walk we took on Friday started the process of them ripping and then all the running around at Debbie's that he did probably made them worse.  I felt awful and of course was crying... :( We disinfected all the areas and then put antibotics on all the blisters and then covered them up with his footies.  He is very uncomfortable and is not getting around very well.  This is probably something that we should have picked up on earlier... but it isn't something you think about happening.  We will just try to nurse his feet back to health the best we can.  Poor boy.

Anyways, we had a very fun filled weekend as you can see.  I would expect next weekend to be a little bit more low key :)

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Monica said...

This happens to Reilly too! On Friday I took her outside and threw a tennis ball for her because it is her favorite thing in the world to do. Her paw pads are all scratched up and she has been licking them all weekend. I was just telling Eric that it is so weird that a dog can't handle long walks and chasing a ball. Glad to know it isn't just us....hope Remington heals quickly.