"The Cove" Documentary and "Blood Dolphins" Mini-Series

I'm sure most of you have heard of this documentary about the killing and capturing of thousands of dolphins in Japan.  It was shown as a 2 hour special on Animal Planet on Sunday night.  Well, I watched it and let me tell you, it is one of the most awful things I have EVER seen in my life!  What happens is the Japanese herd all these dolphins into this cove off the coast of Japan.  Once they are in there they look at all the dolphins and pick out the ones that are the most beautiful and perfect. Those will be captured and sold all over the world to zoos and places such as Sea World where they will be trained and put on display for the public to see.  The dolphins that are not seen as perfect and beautiful are then dragged into a portion of the cove were the public cannot see what happens to them.  They are all slaughtered and then sold as meat.  There are so many dolphins slaughtered at once the the water is completely red because of all the blood.  It is truly horrific!!!  The documentary was shot through secret cameras that were placed at the cove in the middle of darkness.  People from the U.S. are trying to show the world what is done to these poor creatures so we can put a stop to this!!!

I would recommend that everyone take the time to watch this.  Yes, it is awful to watch, but we need to know what is happening in the world around us!!!  I am disgusted that people can actually do this.  Also, there is a new show coming on Animal Planet Friday nights called Blood Dolphins.  It shows what people are trying to do to solve this problem... as well as other areas in the world that this is happening.

I'll leave you with some video clips of the documentary as well as this new show...

The Cove

Blood Dolphins

After watching this, I refuse to go see dolphin shows of any kind nor do I even want to go to the zoo again. It also reiterated to me the importance of being a vegetarian.  I don't even know if I can bring myself to eat fish or eggs anymore. I know that I can't do a lot to help this cause, but I will do what I can...

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