Indiana State Fair

Well, the most exciting thing that we did this weekend was attend the Indiana State Fair (thanks Jim for the tickets and Debbie for drawing them out of a hat).  I haven't been to the fair since I was in High School.  We would go every year to compete in the cheerleading contest that was held there, but I haven't been back since really.  Dan has never been to the State Fair, so this was quite a treat for him.

When we first got to the Fair we hurried to the Dock Dogs competition site.  This was the one thing that we really wanted to see.  We got there in time to watch the Speed Retrieve Contest.  This is a picture of one of the dogs doing it's thing :)  The goal of the contest is to have your dog retrieve a disc the fastest!

These three pictures were of our favorite dock dog contestant... Charlie the Goldendoodle (hmmm, I wonder why he was our favorite :)

After the Speed Retrieve Contest was over with, we decided to go explore the rest of the Fair.  We came across the DNR building and I had to take this picture for my niece Hannah.  When we were in Arizona she loved going to the Bass Pro Shop to look at the fish, so this guy reminded me of our time with her.

Then we found this little petting zoo for kids.  I fell in love with this baby cow.  It had the longest eye lashes I have ever seen :)

We then came across a bunch of John Deere tractors, so we took a picture of this for my Dad and our nephew Elliott, since they both love John Deere stuff :)

It was around noon and we were both starving!  Dan has been DYING for a Ribeye Steak Sandwich so we stopped to get one.

Then then went to the Swine Barn to see the largest pigs.  This is first and second place.  Talk about disgusting.  I don't even know if these poor things could walk!

These were the championship piglets :)  Talk about cute!!!

This little goat was pretty cute too :)  I wish I could have taken him home with me :)

In the Horse Barn we found these beautiful guys!  Talk about huge!  They were very well taken care of!!

This cow was dying to have his picture taken :)

Right before we were getting ready to leave Dan saw these smoked turkey legs and had to have one of course!  I didn't think it looked that good...

All together the trip was pretty fun.  It wasn't too horribly hot on Saturday so we enjoyed ourselves much more because of that.  Dan's highlight was the horses that we saw.  But mine of course was the Dock Dogs competition.  I'll leave you with some videos we took of the contest!

This was the fastest dog...

And this was Sweet Charlie the Goldendoodle. He was the slowest... go figure :) HAHA!

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