Remington's Sunday Guest

So every weekend I always tidy up the house a bit and sweep the floors.  However, for the first time ever... I didn't do it this weekend!  Why you ask??  Because Remington had company!!!  Buddy, our friend Mike's parent's goldendoodle came over on Sunday because Mike's parents were moving his sister into college!  I figured, why tidy up now when two dogs in the house together are going to make a much bigger mess than usual.  Might as well wait until sweet Buddy leaves.

The dog sitting went okay.  It was a challenge, but we made it through.  I realized that I really take for granted what a well trained dog I have.  Not saying that Buddy won't someday be as well trained as Remington, but right now he is still in his learning phase.  It is so nice to tell a dog "DOWN" and he does it right away or "STAY" and you don't have to worry about them going anywhere, but when they don't know those commands it is a whole different ball game.

When Buddy arrived it took him and Remington probably four hours to get all their excitement out, but once things settled down a bit they were good friends :)  By the time Buddy was getting ready to leave, I think Remington had accepted his presence....

"Hi guys!"

"I just woke up from a nap!"

The boys getting to know each other.


Finally... two calm dogs!!

Cuddling :)

All that I know is that those were two tired dogs by the end of the day :)

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