My Favorite Magazines

I have always loved to read... I MEAN LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! When I was little I  was always involved in summer reading programs at the library and after I went off to college I would come home for winter and summer breaks and I would read 50 books during those free couple of months that I didn't have school.  It was heaven.  However, for some reason as I've grown older... I have just seemed to run out of time for enjoyable reading. Between working full time, getting my Masters, and taking care of my everyday chores (REMINGTON)... reading a 500-600 page book has fallen at the bottom of my list of things to do.  It's quite sad really.

I never have been much into reading magazines... I mean you just can't get emotionally attached to anything about them so what would be the fun in that???  However, maybe that is why I have started enjoying them so much as of recently... because I can read two pages, put it down to do something else, and then read another two.  It is nice to not get so attached to the story line or the characters that you feel like you have to sit down all day and stay up all night to finish it and see what happened!!!

Anyways... I thought I would share some of my favorite reading material currently...

Just recently did I start my journey into being a vegetarian.  Really, I have no reason for the switch besides I wanted to be healthier and hopefully lose weight in the process.  I subscribed to this magazine to get some ideas on stuff to eat.  I love it!  It has so many wonderful recipes and great advice about living the vegetarian lifestyle :)

Running has never been my strong suit in life, but as I've grown older I've found that I actually enjoy it.  I subscribed to this magazine when I decided that I was going to run the Mini-Marathon in Indy (I actually never did this) but its the thought that counts right.  It has great tips about running and just living a healthier lifestyle in general :)

And lastly... some of my favorite reading material is this magazine.  Of course this magazine holds all the information about our furry friends that you could imagine!  That is why I love it so much.  What could be better than learning the inside and outside of your dogs world :)

Anyone have some favorite magazines of their own to add to my collection?

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