Shark Week: August 1-7

Since as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with sharks.  I dunno what it is about them, but I love everything about them!  This means, this week will be my week in Heaven because it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel!  I cannot wait for it to begin!

You see, the one thing that I want to do before I die is go Great White Shark Diving in South Africa (supposedly this is where the most Great White Sharks are), but I would settle for the Farallon Islands as well.  I have researched how much something like this would cost and it is a ridiculous price.  Just the flight to S. Africa would break the bank for us.  Then you have the week long trip of shark diving and you are looking at $3,000-$4,000 dollars a PIECE!!!  Goodness.... I figure that we will just have to wait until we save up some serious money to do this... so it will probably happen after I retire.  O'well... as long as I get to go someday.

Here is the poster I have hanging up in my office at work.  This is an actual photograph taken by Africa Geographic.  I guess what they did to get the shot was put an empty kayak in the water several times to see what the shark would do.  All the sharks did was swim around it and then leave it be.  So then they put a person in it to get this AWESOME shot!  So cool!  The picture is of a 4.5 metre great white shark approaching a sea kayak off South Africa's Cape coast.  What I would give to be that guy!!!

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