Long Time No Blog :)

Well, I have officially turned in my final project for my Environment and Aging class, so I no longer have to feel guilty about blogging instead of doing my homework!  HORRAY!  It really is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders... now to just finish out all the other things on my plate at the moment!  Sunday can't come soon enough!

Earlier in the week I talked about wanting to get the house cleaned up before we left for P-town.  I didn't think it would happen, but it looks like it did.  Dan and I have cleaned the house top to bottom :)  Now I can go home and not worry about trying to get it done after I get back :) Dan also tackled the laundry situation we had going on at our house!  I seriously don't know how we go through so much laundry for just 2 people!  It is ridiculous!

In the dog department, Remington has been all taken care of!  We have dremeled his toenails and taken him for his monthly vet appointment.  He was suppose to go to the groomer today, however, they overbooked and canceled our appointment, which I'm very unhappy about.  Dan has a list of groomers in the area he is going to try to contact to see if we can squeeze him in somewhere today.  I just feel bad because he is soooo HOT right now!  Poor guy!

"I need a hair cut Mom!"

And lastly... things are coming together for the baby shower on Saturday.  I guess they better be since there is only a few days left.  We have the cake ordered, games ready, gifts and decorations purchased, food list prepared... that's all right?  I'm sure it will all work out and not be a big deal at all... but you know me... I'll worry until it is over.  She'll probably kill me for posting this here, but hey, she put it on facebook so it's fair game :)

I cannot believe Kristin is gonna be a MOM!!!  When did we grow up?


Pam said...

Hi! Kay and Dan,
Hannah loved seeing her picture with you two and on your fridg. She was very excited.
That wasn't the same dog, was it?
Your recipe looks wonderful! You should get the Sept. issue of Family Circle. Has some great recipes for crock pot. Had pot. soup tonight and it was a hit-no meat-if you don't put the bacon in.

Miss you guys. Your Dad comes Sun., very excited to see him!



Jaime M. Cranmer said...

Looks super beautiful, Val. I love the colour the squash gives the bread! I like seeing squash in different things besides soup, too!UpdateLand