Weddings in the Rain...

Dan's cousin Dawn is getting married this coming weekend on Sunday, July 11th.  She started planning a traditional wedding just like we did, but got so fed up with the process that she decided to have a beach wedding like us.  I'm so excited for her and I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures very much.  I'm sure it will bring back many memories of my special day.  The only problem that they are having is the strong possibility of rain on the day of the wedding in Cocoa Beach.  I've heard from Dawn's Mom (Boo) that she is very worried about that.  That is just one of the many scary things you deal with when planning a destination wedding.  I mean, you are putting your day in the hands of someone else pretty much.  You tell them what you want you big day to be like, pay them the money, and hope they live up to the promises they tell you.  When you have a wedding like this nothing is set in stone.  That can be hard for some people to deal with or a blessing for others (like me) who didn't want to do ANYTHING for the wedding... I just wanted to show up.

When I planned our wedding I didn't even have a back up plan.  I figured if it rained then I would deal with it instead of putting another $200 down to have the wedding in the conference room of the hotel.  BLAH!  I mean you pay like $2,000 for a wedding package on the beach... so why not have your wedding on the beach even if it does rain.  If I were Dawn I would just think to myself... "What would I rather?  Conference room back up area or beach?"  I would vote beach.  I mean, doesn't it sound kind of romantic the thought of getting married in the pouring down rain on the beach?  It reminds me of the movie Sweet Home Alabama in a way.  Anyways, my suggestion to Boo was to buy umbrellas and do what they planned.  I mean they might end up with some awesome pictures!!!

For some reason I just think this picture is sooooo romantic!

Check out these umbrellas!

Of course having your wedding in the rain is not the ideal situation... but if it does happen then grab your umbrellas and try to make the best of it!  No matter what, I'm sure it will be one of the happiest days of Dawn's life.  Dan and I wish her and Joe all the happiness in the world... plus a little bit of sunshine on the day of their wedding :)


Anonymous said...

I got married in the was awesome...We decided it was tears of joy from heaven from my Dad and Grandpa = - )

The Rhoton Family said...

So true!