My Ever Changing Doodle!

So, it wasn't until recently that I noticed this... but Remington's color has changed so much since he was a puppy!  It was brought to my attention last Sunday when we met up with Mike and his parents.  Mike's Mom made the comment that we had bleached Remington.  She couldn't believe how much lighter he had gotten.  I guess that I don't notice it that much since I see him everyday, but they had not seen him since his Birthday party in February.  Anyways, I got together some pictures to show you my ever changing doodle!

Remington 10 weeks old and 12 lbs

Remington 4 months old and 30 lbs

Remington 6 months old (after first grooming) and 40 lbs

Remington 8 months old (after second grooming) and 55 lbs

Remington 10 months old and 65 lbs

Remington 1 year old and 75 lbs

Remington 1 year 2 months old and 80 lbs

As you can see... from 10 weeks old to a little over a year he has changed quite a bit.  I have heard this is not unusual for doodles at all.  I think the reason for the major change in hair color is the loss of their puppy coat and then changing into their adult coat.  Either way... no matter the color of his fur to his size... he'll always be my sweet doodle!

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Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

He's so big!!...AND adorable. Here's to change!