Home Sweet Home!

The last day at the lakes was spent relaxing and cleaning up around the lake house.  We aren't that messy, but still we wanted to leave it the way it looked before we came :)  We were sad to go, but ready to get back home!  However, saying goodbye to Elliott and Mallory is hard for me.  I hate that I can't see them everyday and instead have to settle for every 3-4 months.  They will be all grown up before I know it!  Then there will come a time when Aunt Kay and Uncle Dan aren't cool any more :(

Here's me and Remi Bear having one last swing together before we leave :)

The drive was long, but we made it to Greenwood at about 2:30 pm.  It was nice to get home somewhat early in the day so we had a little bit of recovery time.  All three of us took a long nap and then watched a little TV before we headed off to bed.  I know Remington was happy to see that King size bed of ours... two twins pushed together just doesn't cut it for him... HAHA!

The Rhoton twins are doing well.  I think that Matt and Heather are pretty sleep deprived, but they are hanging in there.  The last update I heard was they had to wake the twins up every 3 hours to feed and hold them so they could keep their body temperature up.  Hannah is having a hard time deciding what she thinks about them.  She loves them, but misses her Mom and Dad's undivided attention :)  That is to be expected though :)  Having Pam there is a blessing for them... I'm sure she is a big help.  I know she is happy to be a part of this great adventure they are sharing :)  However, we miss her in Indiana.

Here is Blakely and Max snoozing!  They are as precious as can be!

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Chris and Steff said...

Glad you had a nice weekend!! The twins are adorable -- that is the sweetest picture EVER!!