Rhoton Randomness!

I know... my blog is basically about Remington, but come on... I don't have kids to brag about so bare with me on my "all dog, all the time" posts :)  Dan and I can't help it that our lives revolve around this big ball of fur! :)

So, it's no secret that Remington loves his crate.  I mean, ever since he was a puppy that has been his safe place.  When he was little he would sleep in there all night long (he doesn't anymore) but he always goes in there when we aren't home.  Some dogs wouldn't like this, however he does!  We often find him hanging out in there even when we are home... silly guy!  We call these moments his "antisocial time."  Below is a picture Dan took when he came home from work yesterday morning... Remington looks pretty comfy huh?


Dan ran for the first time in his new Five Fingers yesterday morning.  All he did was jog one lap around the track at school and do a couple of short sprints and I guess his shins were killing him.  He said that he could hardly walk up the steps after it was all over with.  It will take him some time to get use to them... like the company says... it's a whole new way to run!  In the meantime, I got my Five Fingers in the mail last night.  I was very excited and wore them around the house a little bit.  I think the adjustment period will take a lot longer for me than it did Dan.  You see, Dan is use to walking around barefoot when he is at home, so it isn't too much different with the Five Fingers on... however, I never walk around anywhere (not even the house) without some sort of shoe on.  I just can't stand the feel of "stuff" getting on my feet!  YUCK!  So even wearing the Five Fingers around the house kind of hurts my feet.  Don't worry though... I'll push through the pain until I can run comfortably in them!

Me and my Five Fingers!

So the Johnson County Fair is going on right now and I have really wanted to go.  I thought I might just have to go by myself since I didn't think that I could talk Dan into it, but he pleasantly surprised me!  When I got home from work yesterday, he was all for a trip to the fair.  I wanted to go last night especially because Debbie's (a friend from work) daughter was doing barrel racing with her horse, Mister.  Anyways, once we got there it started pouring down rain, so all we got to see was Paige on her horse... but it was worth it.  I had a really great time!  I even got to try a Beaver Tail which is like an elephant ear but way better!  Going to fairs can't help but remind me of my younger days at the Jay County Fair with my friends.  I carry some great memories of those days with me. It was also fun because Dan had never really been to a fair before... so it was nice to share something new and exciting with him.  He is now very excited about going to the Jay County Fair in 2 weeks when we are home for my best friends baby shower!

Here's me petting Mister! You can barely see Debbie's head in the background :)

And here's Paige and Mister after it stopped raining :)  Don't they look good together!

Well, I think that's enough of Rhoton Randomness for today... I'm sure they'll be more to come in the future!

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