4th of July "early" celebration

Yesterday was quite eventful.  Most of the day was spent playing with Elliott and Mallory.  Really, what are Aunts and Uncles for?  Elliott is now attached to his Uncle Dan at the hip.  Every time Uncle Dan is not around it is... "Where's Uncle Dan? What way did Uncle Dan go? Can I see if I can find Uncle Dan?"  He pays me no attention :(  Well, a little bit :)

Remington has been doing well with the kiddos.  For never being around kids I'm pretty impressed with him.  We did have a bit of a "incident" happen yesterday.  Mallory was walking all over Remington and was in "his" space" and he took a little snap at her.  He didn't get her or anything, just showed her she was being a little bit too much for him.  He got in BIG trouble from us however.  I don't care what she does to him... snapping and biting is unacceptable behavior as far as I'm concerned.  Mallory is used to Buster (her dog) and her being able to do whatever she wants with him... but poor Remington just doesn't understand what kids are all about :)  Hopefully this is good practice for him.

Last night was the fireworks here at the lakes.  Ali had a party over at her house.  She had wonderful food and drinks there!  It was really nice.  It is so fun for me to be in a big family type atmosphere since I'm use to a very small family.  It is also so fun to see the kids and how excited they are.

Here's Dan with his buddy Elliott!  Aren't they sweet together :)

And Mallory in all her glory :)

Here she is eating again :)  Ali says she would eat all day long if she could!

And here's Dan and I!  Two years ago today he asked me to marry him.  The best decision I've ever made.

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Chris and Steff said...

Looks like you're having a great weekend! Cute pic of you two :)