Busy Weekend at the Lakes

It has been a busy last couple of days.  Elliott and Mallory keep Dan and I so busy.  I love being with them though :)  They make me smile so much.  We have been taking Remington on walks in the morning and evenings, fishing with the kids, going on boat rides together, and jet skiing.  I have really enjoyed myself these past few days.  Below are a few pictures of our excursions :)

Elliott fishing!  I can't get over how much he is growing up :)

Remington and his cousin Buster after a morning walk together.  Don't they look good together.

And then there's Mallory, who really doesn't like Aunt Kay taking her picture... but she tolerates it :)

We will leave to head home tomorrow at around noon I believe.  I'm really glad we got to come and spend time here, but I'm also happy to head home and get back to everyday life... well everyday life minus work... I'm not ready to go back there :)

Anyways, I hope that everyone had a Happy 4th of July!  I know that we did! 

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