Vibram Five Fingers

In a previous post I filled you in on what Dan was wanting for his B-day, Vibram Five Fingers.  Well, he got them a little early....

Yesterday we made our way to Greenfield to pick up some Five Fingers.  I was hoping that both of us would be able to get some, but I knew that their selection was not the best.  The main thing that we needed to do was get measured for them.  You see, the size of Five Fingers is completely different than a regular shoe.  I think that Dan measured 44 and I measured 36.  Anyways, Dan ended up finding his perfect pair.  I on the other hand did not.  I really wanted purple, but after some thought decided against it and thought I would be better suited with a more neutral color choice.

Here is Dan sporting his new pair of Five Fingers around the house!  You are suppose to break them in for 2 weeks before you do any type of running in them.

Here is the pair that I placed an order for when I got home... they should be shipped out today!

Dan's are the KSO... they are made for pretty much anything you can think of.  Mine are the Classics... they are made for indoor fitness.  I picked the Classics as my starter pair.  I would eventually like to get a pair of KSOs if I like them and Dan would like to get a pair of Classics.  I know what you're all probably thinking... we are a strange pair :)  However, we already know that!

Below are some more pictures of people who love their Five Fingers!

Come on... you can't tell me that you don't want a pair.... just a little bit???

I'm heading home for the weekend at around 5 today.  Rachel is having her Bridal Shower on Sunday, so I really didn't want to miss it since I have a feeling I might have to miss her Bachelorette Party because of work and Phonathon training.  I doubt it will be too exciting in P-town besides the party since I really need to do some homework while I'm there... but you never know... we shall see! 

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