Two Weddings and a Workout Plan!

September 25th and October 16th... those are the wedding dates.  What does that give me??  Around 2 months or so to get into shape?  Phew, this should be tough...

You see, being a part of someone's wedding is an honor.  I guess it kind of means that you are important enough to the person who is getting married that they wouldn't think of going through that day without you there.  Quite flattering really.  However, the bad thing about it is, even though all eyes are mostly on the bride, the people standing up with her can't help but fall into view.  Another problem... all the girls that will be standing up there with me are skinny, in shape, and beautiful... which means my workout plan for the next couple of months better work. :)

So, on July 6th I started.  I'm doing something called the 30 Day Shred.  It is a workout that last only about 30 minutes, but it is suppose to get you "shredded" in 30 days.  The person who is featured on the video is Jillian Michael's (the lady trainer on the Biggest Loser).  What can I say, she's kind of annoying but the video kicks your butt.  I'm also running as often as I can and eating pretty well.  I fell off my vegetarian wagon during vacation, but I'm back on board now with the diet :)  If only I could get enough will power to stop eating sweets and drinking pop....

Oh, well... that's another place and time right?

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