The weekend is here already???

Well, it's Friday and the weekend is almost here... ALREADY!  I say already because it seems as if the week has just begun.  Being off on Monday must have really thrown my week off.  Anyways, I'm happy that the week has flown by instead of dragging along like it usually does.

Dan has been working days this week which is always an adjustment for the Rhoton's.  The biggest obstacle to figure out is what to do with Remington.  See, usually Remington sleeps all night in bed with me, then when Dan comes home in the morning he sleeps all day in bed with Dan.  Yes, he leads a life of leisure that's for sure.  Anyways, when Dan's schedule switches we crate him during the day and I come home at lunch to let him out to go to the bathroom and have a little play time, then it is back in the crate until 5 o'clock which is when I get home from work usually.  Yesterday was day two of this arrangement for Remington and lets just say my poor boy is sooo depressed.  When I came home to let him out at lunch time, he walked out of his crate, went outside to do his business and then walked right back in his crate.  I tried to get him to play with me or just come out of his crate, but he refused... so I sat there beside his cage for 20 minutes talking to him and loving on him.  I felt awful when I left, because I know he just isn't used to being by himself all day long.  But, what's a Mom to do?  However, when I went to bed last night all was forgiven as you can see :)

Dan has been working days because he has training this week.  He is taking a class over Forensic Interviewing and Interpreting Lies.  I'm sure some of you have heard of the show, Lie to Me, on Fox... that is the stuff he is learning how to do.  Anyways, last night when I got home he was telling me all about this stuff.  It is extremely interesting.  He was showing me how he could tell if I was lying or not.  So first, he asked me a baseline of questions such as, my age, year I was born, date we got married, etc.  Then he started asking me more difficult questions and I was allowed to lie when I wanted.  Just by which way my eyes moved during each question he was able to tell if I was telling the truth or not.  So, when I tell the truth my eyes move up and to the left, but when I lie I look down and to the right.  It is different for everyone, but it is a very accurate science.  Then he put me in a a scenario.  I was a bank teller and I was being interviewed because I was suspected in stealing $50,000 from the bank.  I was able to pick whether I did it or not and just by how I answered the interview questions he gave me he would be able to figure out the truth.  And he got it right!  I didn't rob the bank!  I think it is pretty cool and I can tell that he is really enjoying the training so far.

The forecast for the weekend doesn't look to exciting or busy for us, which I'm glad for!  Tonight, Dan is taking me to see Eclipse!  I'm pretty excited and I can't believe it's been on a whole week and I haven't seen it yet!  And, I can't believe how I ever talked Dan into going with me to see it!  He must be feeling generous :)  On Saturday, I have to get a project done that I have been putting off for school!  I don't think it should take me too long, it's just the fact that I have waited this long to even start on it that makes me a little nervous.  YIKES!  It's also my best friend, Kristin's Birthday on Saturday.  She'll be 26!  Man we are getting old!  Sunday probably won't amount to much, but hopefully it will be a day of relaxation and getting ready for the new week ahead!!!  Maybe I'll have a chance to stop and smell the roses!

Or daisies....

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