Weekend in P-town

Even though I say there isn't much to do in P-town, I must admit I always have a good time when I go there.  Remington and I arrived there kind of late in the evening on Friday because I left Indy in the middle of rush hour... yeah... not the smartest move.  When I finally did arrive, Mom and Dad had Pizza King waiting for me!  YUM!  I hardly ever get to eat it except when I go home.  Once dinner was over with we all got around and took Remington on a long walk before bedtime.

Here's Remi waiting patiently to start heading to P-town!

"Come on Mom, let's go!!"

Saturday, I got up early and cleaned out the inside of my car and Dad helped me hand wash it.  He is a good dad!  :)  Afterward, most of the day was spent playing with Remington and lounging around the  house.  In the evening, Grandma Fowler came over and played cards with us.  This is one thing that we do every time I come home.  Our favorite game is SkipBo!  Most of the time, Grandma and I will win against Mom and Dad, but unfortunately they beat us this weekend.

"I love playing with my tennis ball!"

"Throw it Mom!!!"

Taking a break....

"I'm sooo tired!"

Sunday was by far the busiest day.  I got around and went to the church with Mom and Dad in the morning.  We have a new pastor at Asbury so it was nice to get the chance to meet him.  So far, I really like him.  Afterward, it was time to go to Rachel's bridal shower.  It was really nice and it makes me happy to see her sooo happy.

Hanging with Mom before she went to Rachel's Shower!

Celebrating Rachel's soon to be married life!

I left the shower at around 2:45 and hurried home because Dan and I were getting together with Mike and his parents because they just got a new goldendoodle puppy, Buddy.  We went to the diamonds where we always take Remington to play so they could get acquainted.  I was very impressed with how good Remington was with Buddy.  He never once played too rough with him and they seemed to be great friends in no time.  Below are some pictures of their shenanigans!

"Hi guys... I'm Buddy!"

"I'm pretty little right now... but I'll be Remington's size soon!"

"Remington, will you be my friend?"

"I love you already!"

I'm sad that the weekend is over and now it's time to start another week.  Hopefully it will be over before I know it!  Thanks Mom and Dad for putting up with me all weekend.  I miss you already!

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Chris and Steff said...

Aww, they are so cute together!!! If I didn't love bulldogs so much I probably would've gotten a goldendoodle!