Letter from Hannah :)

It has been a very long time since Dan last saw Hannah (our niece).  I believe it was March.  And the last time I got to see her was May when I went to a conference in Arizona.  We miss all our nieces and nephews so much... so little things we get from them always mean a lot.

Hannah and I when I was in Arizona at my conference :)

Everyday when I get home from work the first thing I do is go outside and get the mail.  Today was special because we got something other than newspapers full of ads and coupons or a mailbox full of bills.  We actually had a letter in there!!!  When I got inside and opened it up I couldn't help but smile.  It was a letter from Hannah telling us all about her new sister and brother, about her going swimming, and about how she wishes we would come visit her!  Included was a beautiful picture she had colored for me and Dan.

This touched my heart.  We miss our nieces and nephews so much.  It is so hard to not live close by to them.  We miss out on so much of their lives because of this.  We sometimes worry that Hannah will forget about who we are because we hardly ever get to see her, but moments like these make us feel so special and loved :)

Hannah, your picture went front and center on our fridge :)  Thank you!  We love you so much!

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