Vet Trip!

As you know, Sunday night we discovered that Remington's paw pads were torn up after a play date he had over the weekend.  After reading up on the subject, I found out that this is not at all uncommon in Retrievers.  I guess they will play and play even though they are in pain and you would never know that there was an issue.  That is the Retriever side coming out in him I suppose.  The situation was pretty bad on Monday morning and I was not real sure how to help him.  He was hardly able to walk at that point... and you can imagine what we were going through getting him up and down the stairs.  So Dan and I made a 5 o'clock appointment to see the vet because we were worried that his pads would get infected and then we would have a real mess on our hands.  I know some people probably think we're crazy... but better safe than sorry I always say.

When we got to the vet they said that they weren't all that concerned.  They had seen a lot worse, so that made me feel a lot better.  They gave us some pain medications so that he would be able to walk a little bit more normally.  They also just told us to keep the area clean but not to wrap it up.  I guess it needs air to breathe and heal faster.  However, when we got Remi home two of his pads started bleeding so I had to wrap them up for a little bit so it didn't get all over the place.

Right now he is walking a little better and he even played with his toys a little bit, so I can tell he is feeling more like himself.  Hopefully in the next few days he will be back to his old self.  I think we will just have to watch him carefully when playing because I guess some dogs are just prone to ripping their pads.  I definitely don't want him to go through this again.

Get well soon my sweet Bear :)

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Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

This happened to our first guide dog puppy, Willie, after playing in the water & sandy beach. You're right -- when they're having fun they've got no "quitting sense"! I was alarmed and sure it was the end of the world...but nope, just like you said, all it took was time, rest, & fresh air. Hard not to worry though, isn't it?